Potter’s Property Solutions, LLC is a family owned and operated property preservation and inspection company located in Ridgeland, Mississippi.  


Managing Partners

Chan Cleveland

Chan Cleveland currently serves as a managing partner for Potter’s Property Solutions. Mr. Cleveland has over 10 years of experience directing operations for The Kirkland Group, an educational consulting firm headquartered in Ridgeland Mississippi. Mr. Cleveland has managed real estate properties throughout Mississippi. He holds English degrees from Jackson State University and Mississippi College.

Carla Kirkland

Carla Kirkland currently serves as a managing partner for Potter’s Property Solutions. As CEO of The Kirkland Group, an industry-leading educational consulting firm, Mrs. Kirkland has overseen businesses for over 23 years. Providing professional development, technical assistance, and standardized test preparation to multiple school districts, Mrs. Kirkland speaks to the hearts of teachers and students throughout the country. Mrs. Kirkland has managed real estate properties throughout Mississippi for over 30 years.

Our Mission


2 Inspection

The mission of Potter’s Property Solutions is to provide property preservation and inspection services to our clients at low rates in order to provide residents with a clean and safe community by servicing vacant homes in their neighborhoods.

The Potter’s Difference

Potter’s Property Solutions offers a complete array of mortgage field services. Our team prides itself on being able to complete all work orders necessary to get each property in its best condition to be marketed for sale. We provide the following: eviction services, lock change, lock rekey, landscaping including grass cuts, snow removals and shrub trims, initial cleaning, debris removal and ongoing property maintenance. Additionally, we have a general contracting team capable of completing the following: minor and major electrical repairs, drywalling and flooring, HVAC repairs and maintenance and plumbing repairs. Please note that all members of our company complete Aspen Grove background checks. All subcontractors that we work with are required to undergo an Aspen Grove background check. To assist us with work order completion, we subscribe to a web based software program called Pruvan which allows for efficient management and oversight of work order completions.