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Wallpapers: To Paint Or Remove?

Are you feeling inspired to say goodbye to your dated wallpaper and hello to a brand-new paint job? If so, it can be confusing to know the best plan of action between painting right over it or completely removing it. Depending on your unique walls and painting requirements, both options work well!

When Should You Paint Over Your Wallpaper?

While painting over your wallpaper isn’t typically advised, it can be a good fit for homeowners dealing with these two possibilities:

#1: You Need a Quick Fix

Let’s face it: removing all the wallpaper layers to prepare the walls for painting can be time-consuming and fussy! While professional painting can help with this tedious task, it might not be advantageous if you only stay in the house for a short time.

#2: Your Walls Are Old

Many older homes have layers upon layers of wallpaper on the walls that are covering up fragile walls. When homeowners start removing these layers, they risk damaging the old drywall. If your old walls are less than ideal, you can avoid stress and expenditures by keeping the wallpaper intact.

When Should You Remove Your Wallpaper?

Although it is more manageable to paint over the wallpaper, it is essential to evaluate the perks of entirely removing it. Usually, professional painters remove the wallpaper altogether, and here’s why!

#1: More Professional Looking Job

Clearing the wallpaper will ensure a much more seamless job if your walls are in good shape. If your wallpaper isn’t perfectly smooth in texture and appearance, its flaws will likely impact the paint's appearance. If you don’t clear the paper, you run the chance of visible peeling, wallpaper seams showing, and the wallpaper’s pattern and texture shining through.

#2: Avoids Paint Bubbles from Forming

In any quality paint job, you must always begin by applying a primer followed by a layer of paint. Adding both of these layers of moisture to the wallpaper can easily cause its glue to loosen up and detach from the walls. This can make unappealing bubbles underneath the paint's surface, which is avoided by removing the wallpaper before priming.

#3: Long-Lasting Results

If you like your walls to look beautiful for years, removing your wallpaper is the method to go. Suppose you anticipate living in your home for some years. In that case, the benefits in your wall’s long-term appearance and quality will outweigh any of the challenges associated with the removal process.

Remove Your Wallpaper with Professional Painters

While removing your wallpaper is usually the best idea, this rule has a couple of exceptions. To have the best painting services MS offers, no matter your decision to remove or paint over wallpaper, work with Potter's Painting’s talented painters today!

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