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Best Basement Paint Colors

Let’s face it: the absence of natural light gushing in the basement can feel confining and gloomy. While many people overlook their basement decor for this reason alone, our team of painters understands that a great paint color might be all your basement needs for a much-needed pick-me-up!

Step Up Your Basement’s Aesthetic With These Colors

The lighter the paint color, the more open, bright, and large the room will feel. Breathe much-needed life back into your basement with these gorgeous soft color ideas from professional painters:

Pure White

A crisp, stark white is the most prominent choice for brightening and opening up a basement space. White offers you a completely blank canvas to go in any direction decor-wise.

Cream and Ivory

If you aren’t a fan of the rough impression of a stark white but still want its brightening outcomes, off-white options like cream and ivory are also great. These light and cozy neutrals are famous for making a welcoming aura in the basement.

Soft Yellow

If you’re looking for a color that obtains a light and sunny mood in your basement, a soft yellow paint job is the way to go! Since yellow is associated with warmth and sunshine, it is the finest thing to natural sunlight streaming through a windowsill.

Sky Blue

Opting for a shade of sky blue brightens and refreshes a basement space, and blue colors also have a relaxing and soothing effect.

Light Grey

Nothing says clean, crisp, and stylish like a light grey paint job. While a deeper grey only contributes to a shady basement atmosphere, softer hues of grays are tremendous and pair well with just about any furniture color scheme!

Best Practices to Consider When Painting Your Basement

While arranging the paint job for your basement, it is essential to keep these thoughts in mind for giving the most height and light to your underground space possible:

  • A dark paint color is tricky to pull off in any underground area. It’s best to avoid blacks and navys unless you have the proper lighting.

  • Maintaining the same paint color on your basement’s walls and ceiling will create a heightened impression. This is because it is harder to determine where the wall ends and the ceiling begins.

  • No matter the color you choose, creating patterns on a wall with vertical stripes is a great way to make a basement feel more extensive and more stylish. Vertical stripes naturally create the illusion of a taller space.

With any of these classy paint options in place, your basement is well on its way to evolving into a more cozy and cheery living environment! Our Ridgeland, MS, painters can help clients alter their basement spaces from dull to fab!

If you need painting or remodeling services in Ridgeland Mississippi, feel free to contact Potter's Property Solutions in Ridgeland Mississippi.

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