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Do You Stay Home When The Cleaning Lady Comes?

Do you stay home when the cleaning lady comes? Whether you should remain at home while your cleaner is working is a typical question among first-time users of house cleaning services. Most cleaning companies will tell you something close to this: if you want ultimate efficiency from your cleaner, try not to be in the way.

However, this doesn’t suggest you leave the house completely, but simply that your cleaner might not be comfortable with you looking over their shoulder as they work around your belongings. You can remain in a room that is not being cleaned or run your chores and do what you usually would if the maid wasn’t around.

In any case, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with your cleaning service if you consider the following guidelines:

Stay during the first visit: when your cleaner arrives for the first time, it’s suggested that you remain in the house for at least 15 minutes to meet the cleaner and show them the ropes.

Spotlight problematic areas: tell your maid if there are some areas you want them to pay particular attention to.

Avoid micromanaging: you’d have a problem finding people who don’t mind being closely watched while working. Give your cleaner some space.

Define your expectations: you won’t have to hover around your cleaner if you give them clear instructions from the get-go.

House cleaners are there to help you. Let them do it properly by giving them space to work! This way, you and your maid will be happy with the results.


A clean home is a happy one, but you must get your hands dirty if you want a pristine one. Or do you? Luckily, no, you don’t have to do it yourself! You can entrust all of your cleaning to a professional house cleaner while you take a relaxing road trip with your loved ones.

If you and your family long for a more laid-back way of life without squabbling over household chores, our exceptional house cleaning service in Ridgeland, MS, is always ready to help. Take your mind off cleaning and focus on what truly matters. Reach out to us today!

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