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Guide To Paint Finishes

Paint comes in a variety of light-reflecting sheens. Here’s how we approach which one to use where.

Flat: The lowest sheen means the paint soaks up the open light. “It’s ideal for no-traffic spaces like ceilings and conceals surface imperfections.”

Matte: A little reflective sheen that’s more durable and conceals minor imperfections. While not as washable as paints with more sheen, it improves touch-ups if the painted surface gets scratched later. Excellent for low-to-moderate-traffic areas like bedrooms.

Eggshell: A soft, velvety sheen with more brilliance than matte paint, more stain resistance, and more washability. “It lends itself to areas with moderate to high traffic, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways, where durability is important.”

Satin: A more polished sheen with a pearl-like impression. It’s easy to clean, so it is well-suited for cabinets.

Semigloss: A sleek, radiant sheen that’s scrubbable. Our choice for trim, doors, and playrooms.

High gloss: A brilliant shine with a glossy sheen. We use it to add vibrancy to entry doors, accent walls, or ceilings.

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