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Home Improvement Myths

Any refurbishment is a good one.

Some people think any improvement is good, but not all home improvements are made equal. For instance, the homeowner of the room at right had a concert hall of his very own in his ranch-style home. Unless the next homeowner is an opera singer, they may not want a balcony in the house. When making a renovation like this, remember that you might want to sell the home one day.

I can do it myself.

You may be persuaded that you can do it just as well as a contractor. No! You can't. You may have a romantic idea of your "knack" for remodeling. Accomplishing it yourself can sometimes save money, but you need to know your limits. Feel free to ask for help. Specific low-risk projects are very simple to tackle on your own, but there are many others for which you need a professional.

Pools add value.

Adding a swimming pool and a hot tub is a sure seller. That's only sometimes true. Location is significant. If every day is summer in your climate and it's a pool-friendly region, that's one thing, but it could be a different story if you live in a cooler climate. Adding a pool is a scary proposition in most areas of the country. It's a significant liability and can be much work to maintain in the off-season. It would help if you thought long and hard about building a pool. It could end up being a big money pit.

Follow the latest design trends.

Many homeowners think following the latest design trends is a good idea. Not true. For instance, peach-textured wallpaper went out in the '80s. Features like that must go before a house goes on the market. Neutral colors or palettes have better of a timeless feel and will appeal to far more people.

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