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Painting a Straight Edge without Painter’s Tape

Sometimes, painter’s tape isn’t an option: maybe a side casing is too near to an inside corner, or you’re painting the outside edge of a window sash. We use a wide putty or taping knife as a guide. Here’s how:

  1. Place the blade between your thumb and remaining fingers along the edge you want to paint. Grasp it firmly, but make sure you can slide it.

  2. Touch the paintbrush's bristles to the surface before the knife and gradually drag both hands down the joint at the same pace.

  3. Stop when the paint starts to accumulate on the blade. Carefully lift it straight to prevent paint from bleeding onto the adjacent surface. Wipe the blade clean.

  4. Continue down the joint in the same way. Once you reach the end, flip the brush over and paint in the opposing direction to smooth out your brushstrokes.

Tip: “The sheen you choose can have a big impact on the final outcome, in terms of how it will look and wear. Be sure to factor in the state of your walls or trim and how much traffic it will be subjected to.”

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