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Picking Paint for a Room That's Too Small

Every home suffers a few negatives, but not every answer demands pricey structural modifications. Paint is a frugal remodeler's go-to answer to perk up a problem room.

Here's how to pick paint colors to give any room a facelift:

Picking Paint for a Room That's Too Small

Painting walls white, cream, pastels, or cool colors (tinged with blue or green) gives the illusion of more space by mirroring light. White or light colors on walls raise the ceiling, bringing your eyes up, which makes you feel like you're in a bigger room.

How to utilize paint color to make a room seem bigger:

Paint trim similar to walls to ensure a seamless impression that visually expands space.

Use a monochromatic technique to boost the dimensions of a room. Pick furnishings in the same color. The lack of contrast makes a room appear more spacious. Extend wall color onto the ceiling an extra six to 12 inches. This will make the room appear taller.

Paint vertical or horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes enhance room height by drawing the eye up; horizontal stripes direct your gaze around the perimeter, making walls appear farther away. Use matching light colors for low-contrast stripes; your room will look even larger.

If you want a darker shade, get a similar effect by selecting a high-gloss paint sheen, which reflects light and enhances space.

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