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Signs You Should Repaint House Exterior

What are the warning signs that your home’s exterior needs a repaint? If you observe the following warning signs, you should think about repainting the exterior of your home. The longer some of the following problems continue, the worse they will get with time, destroying the look of your home and jeopardizing its safety and longevity.

Chipping Paint

When paint starts to chip away, the gluing between the paint and your home’s exterior surface has been compromised. There are different reasons why the gluing between the surface of your home causes the paint that covers it to break down over time.

From moisture to insects or results from severe weather, once a break happens, it’s only a matter of time before the pieces expose that vulnerability in your exterior paint job. Chipped and peeling paint tends to radiate from the point of break, signifying the affected area will grow with time.

Vanishing Paint

If you catch your home isn’t quite as brilliant or vibrant as it used to be, it could indicate that the paint coating on your home’s exterior is beginning to break down. Though vanishing is a cosmetic problem caused by the sun’s radiation leeching pigment from the paint, its appearance could alert other issues.

When the sun’s light leeches pigment to the point that it’s evident, your home’s exterior paint likely has other problems.

Indications of Wear and Tear

Your home’s exterior paint is no more resistant to the 2nd law of thermodynamics than you are. The chemical bonds keeping materials together lessen as time passes due to long periods of direct sunlight. Over time, the bonds keeping your home’s exterior paint to the walls of your home will break down.

Severe weather and freak events, like a tree falling over, can hasten this method along by causing damage to your home’s exterior. As cited above, one small scratch, crack, or chip tends to spread in the paint chipping section due to wear and tear.

If you see damage to your home’s exterior paint job—cracks, chips, bubbles, scratches, etc.—you’ll want to consider performing preventative maintenance by instantly cleaning, prepping, and repainting the affected area of your home’s exterior.

Whether you need painting services or remodeling services, Potter's Property Solutions in Ridgeland, MS has got you covered. Using our years of expertise and knowledge, we'll leave you with a property you'll love and enjoy for years to come. Discuss your next project with our team to get started. Call 601-574-0028 today!

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